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Z-strain grows easily, fruits abundantly, and reportedly checks all the boxes—strong visuals, strong body high, everything. Individual mushrooms are typically large and meaty. Not surprisingly, it’s a very popular strain, the most commonly-available commercially-grown variety out there.


The Jedi Mind F*ck strain is a relatively rare variety of magic mushroom with a mysterious and unknown origin. Nobody has claimed to be the creator of this variety, but it is rumored that it may have been isolated from a mutated “Z strain” mushroom.

It typically grows thick, dense stems that are often white in colour and it has medium-sized bell shaped caps that are typically caramel to chestnut brown to dark brown in colour.

Jedi Mind F*ck mushrooms are reported to produce particularly strong and vivid hallucinations along with intense euphoria, spiritual feelings, and bodily warmth/vibration.

May the force be with you.


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