Platinum Kush Breath (AAAA)


The silvery trichomes on Platinum Kush come from OG Kush, packing a lot of THC in that crystalline frosting. The Afghani landrace is pure indica, carrying a lot of earthy, spicy notes in its flavor along with strong cerebral effects.


Platinum Kush weed is an indica dominant hybrid, with an average THC content of 16-22% and almost no CBD content. At 90% indica and 10% sativa, the effects are calming. This marijuana strain is derived from OG Kush and an Afghani landrace strain.

OG Kush is a parent to many great cannabis strains like Ghost OG and headband,  and its almost 55/45 sativa/indica mix makes it a great building block for new breeds. The Afghani landrace is tempered by the balanced OG Kush, resulting in the potent and relaxing Platinum Kush Breath.

THC/A : 25.6%

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